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I returned from office to my room, 6 hours after Rahul Dravid had announced his retirement. I had seen a few memorable tweets on twitter, and thought of going back a few hours to see as much as I possibly could. Here is what I could track on the internet this evening, celebrities, fellow players, fellow fans of the game world over, all in unison, hailing the retired legend.

(I had raked twitter for the terms “Wall” and “Dravid”. So, I’m pretty sure I missed out on all the numerous tributes that didn’t carry either words.)


abdevilliers17 AB de Villiers

Congrats to Rahul Dravid on an amazing career! You will be missed. Fantastic person and Cricketer! India’s #wall

abhay00 Abhay Gupta

Dear Rohit, Rahane and Pujara, Rahul Dravid has left cricket for guys like you. Hope you don’t disappoint him.

abhiandnow Abhinav Chandel

Dravid you’ve failed us sometimes but sir, we have failed you most of the times. You deserve much more than what we gave you.

abidhussayn Abid Hussain

Rahul Dravid – end of an era. Hands down, my absolute, all time favorite Indian player is retiring. A sad, sad day for cricket.

ajinkyarahane88 ajinkyarahane88

THE WALL of Indian cricket a role model for me. A true gentleman and great motivator. We will miss you on the field Rahul bhai..

andrewleci Andrew Leci

Sportscenter India is ALL about Rahul Dravid. Might be a first, but a testament to the respect and adulation that the man commanded and won.

anuragrekhi Anurag Rekhi

I can surely boast to the GenNext of Indian fans that I watched Dravid play! #RahulDravid

assholinesss Arpit

I don’t think any other batsman made me say WOW on a defensive stroke. Rahul Dravid made me say it for 16 years.

atlasdanced Spaceman Spiff

Classy Dravid is classy (as always)…Au revoir and thanks for everything sir!

aurbolo Gaurav Mittal

Rahul Dravid has played around 31.5 k balls in test cricket. That’s 31.5 k bricks in #TheWall

azharmahmood11 Azhar Mahmood

An honour to play against a legend like Rahul Dravid, another one of the Greats retires from cricket. Great man & v humble. Good 2know him

barry_morisse Barry Morisse

I salute Rahul Dravid for an unbelievable career! Definitely the batsman that I would choose if anyone had to bat for my life… #theWall

bcci BCCI

A legend and a gentleman, a role-model and a fighter. Rahul Dravid, Thank You for the Memories!

beingishancric Ishan Yadav

Don’t worry. Rahul Dravid hai na. Will miss this line now…..

bhavika1012 Bhavika

Rahul Dravid ..”the genius of hard work”.

bogusoperandi Author Unknown

Thought Dravid had some cricket left in him. Turns out poor cricket won’t have any Dravid left in it

bumblecricket David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd

As expected, Rahul Dravid has retired. A man of great stature, dignity and sportsmanship

calamur calamur

Rahul Dravid for President … #young #rolemodel#intelligent#leadership

camnotwhite Cameron White

Rahul Dravid- great batsman, even better person. A rare kind.

captainshanky Shashank Kishore

If you want to know Dravid’s worth in Indian cricket, just look at his Test cap. You will find yourself melting with answers.

cilemasnob fightclub

That rare thing called Grace. #Dravid

channelvIndia Channel [v] India

The Wall, Mr. Reliable,Jammy. Kabhi bhi koi dusra na aaya hai, na aayega. Rahul Dravid you rock!

chidu77 Chidanand Rajghatta

Memory of #Dravid I’ll always cherish is not of innings or shot, but him moseying arnd London bookstore. Most highbrow of Indian cricketers

coldnemesis Sagar Tanna

Would any other batsman EVER CARE to say this –> “I don’t want to block a youngster’s place by playing a season of Ranji Trophy” – Dravid

coolvichi Vishwas

Whenever somebody says cricket is a gentlemen’s game, the only person who comes to my mind is Rahul Dravid. #Legend

cricketanalyst simon hughes

Saw Dravid bat before he was picked for India. described him as ‘a studious blocker with acne.’ didn’t think he would get far. #whataplayer

dbackwardpoint Devanshu

“Dravid is not the wall. He is the man who scaled it, went through it, and ultimately, he is the man who destroyed it.” – @karachikhatmal

derekpringle Derek Pringle

Rahul Dravid retires, proof that decent and well-rounded men can excel at the highest levels of sport

diogeneb Diogeneb

Not often that a cricketer gives the term “retired hurt” an entirely new meaning. He’s retired. We’re hurt.

diogeneb Diogeneb

What cricketers might say of his retirement – “Sad, u hard hard rival” #RahulSharadDravid #anagram

_fakeiplplayer Fake IPL Player

Image of Rahul Dravid walking in to bat with India 6-1 keeps flashing past my eyes

fakingnews Faking News

“I never walked around thinking I’m any wall” – Rahul Dravid. You are a gem.

flipkart Flipkart

When things seemed bleak, you gave us hope. When wickets fell, you held your ground. Rahul Dravid, you’re a class act. We salute The Wall!

freehit_mj Mayank Jhaveri

Thanks RSD! Cricket feels less exciting knowing you will not come out to bat at one down. #Dravid

garylineker Gary Lineker

‘The Wall’ finally hits the wall. Rahul Dravid a true sporting great retires. Bowlers the world over take a huge sigh of relief.

gautamghosh Gautam Ghosh

Whoever says good guys don’t finish first obviously lived before the age of Rahul Dravid

goddamittt Amit

Go in front of a mirror, look at urself & consider urself lucky to be born at a time when u could witness the graceful game of Rahul Dravid!

hamster41 Hammad

When Rahul Dravid used to play shots it would look like his wrists were making love to a cricket bat. He will be missed. Legend.

harv366 Neil Fairbrother

Rahul,the wall,Dravid- congratulations on an unbelievable career- a true ambassador for both sport and country!#properlegend

henrygayle Chris Gayle

Congrats on a Fantastic, Superb International Career! The Great Legend Rahul Dravid !! The wall will be miss!

hoggy602 Matthew hoggard

Dravid was a true gentleman! One of the nicest people you would ever wish to meet ! Very respected very humble and not too bad with the bat

homertweets Shrikant Subramanian

Anyone asking Sanjay Manjrekar how he is feeling now? But for his injury, the Rahul Dravid story may never have been

kevinpp24 Kevin Pietersen

Rahul Dravid-LEGEND!! Plain & simple. congrats on an incredible career!! India WILL miss #thewall.


They say sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence. To me the most vivid & dependable has to be Rahul Dravid.

imraina Suresh Raina

Wall for team but a shoulder for team mates. Impregnable for opposition, motivation for us. That’s Rahul bhai. Got my ODI & Test cap from him.

imro45 Rohit Sharma

U may be retiring but your legacy will live on. True champion, take a bow Rahul Dravid

imsabbah Sabbah Haji

*tear* Remember cycling in loops around Rahul Dravid’s house in Indiranagar, BLR, back in ’98-99, almost daily, hoping to see him ONCE.

jay_ambadi Jayasankar

My take on Dravid: I would prefer to see my son growing up to be a Rahul Dravid than ANY other Indian cricketer.. *Respect*

jeffrey_archer Jeffrey Archer

Rahul Dravid retires…cricket loses one of its finest batsmen, sport, one of its finest gentlemen.

jhasanjay Sanjay Jha

Dravid gave “predictability and routine”, heavily chastised words, a new meaning. He was always there, fighting hard to the very end.

jitengajaria Jiten Gajaria

Whenever a street is named after Rahul Dravid, please ensure it is a one way street. Once in, no getting out. Just like his batting

johnsuncricket John Etheridge

With Dravid, it wasn’t so much the runs (of which there were many 1000s), but the dignity and integrity with which he conducted himself.

mahekoholic Mahek Vyas

#ff Rahul Dravid. He’s not on twitter but worth following in life nevertheless.

maheshbhupathi Mahesh Bhupathi

Congratulations Rahul Dravid. Champion on and off the field, showed us all that sky is the limit with hard work, patience and discipline…

malhotrasaurabh Saurabh Malhotra

Dravid, you made the Indian Test Cap proud. It looked better on you than anyone else. Thank you!

malikashok Ashok Malik

Rahul Dravid, you can make a grown man cry. Farewell, and thank you for the memories

mantramugdh Rj Mantra

Born in Indore, grew up in Bangalore, pride of India. Rahul Dravid. My fav batsman. You will be missed. Elegance personified

maria_memon Maria Memon

Farewell Rahul Dravid-Sheer Class! They don’t make them like you anymore!

markbutcher72 mark butcher

Rahul Dravid retires, wonderful player and a lovely human being. Rest well! #toptekkers

mattwalker275 Matt Walker

Had the pleasure & honour of playing with Rahul Dravid at Kent. Amazing player and absolute gentleman. Learnt so much from the great man!!

miller_cricket Andrew Miller

That was quite a knock. Rahul Dravid, thanks for the memories

mojorojo Rohan Joshi

Rahul Dravid retires. Today, cricket is the real loser. Who’s going to classy up this joint now?

mspr1nt Ant Sims

Cricket does not retire Dravid, Dravid retires cricket. #GoWellTheWall

nikhilchinapa Nikhil Chinapa

And that tiny pop is the sound of my heart breaking. RT @IBNLiveRealtime: Rahul Dravid announces his retirement from international cricket

noompa Rohit Naimpally

Rahul Dravid has left the building.

oglipogli Subrato

As The Wall retires, I am reminded of Mark Anthony’s speech in Julius Caeser – “…When shall come another man like this?”#RahulDravid

omkaram16 Omkar Mankame

We may get a batsman like Rahul Dravid but we may never have a man like Rahul Dravid.

profdeano Dean Jones

Rahul Dravid we thank you.. The game is better because you played it.. I feel your journey in cricket has just begun.. Not finished!

psubtman Gautam Wagle

‘Rahul “The Wall” Dravid’ could #anagram to ‘I luv’d hard lethal war’

purenautanki Drama ☆ Queen

“Rahul Dravid is a player who would walk on broken glass if his team asks him to”- Navjot Singh

rajeshstats S Rajesh

… and his highest Test score of 270 came after Shoaib Akhtar got Sehwag first ball.

rajeshstats S Rajesh

When Dravid was at the crease in Tests, India scored 31,979 runs. That’s 35.6% of the total runs India scored in the Tests he played

rcbtweets Royal Challengers

A Hero has retired today, one very close to all of us. We wish Rahul Dravid happiness, the same kind that he’s given us with his many innings

rohanbopanna Rohan Bopanna

Thank you Rahul Dravid, the talent of ur’s will be missed which produced outstanding results, and to keep repeating it took character.

sahildutta Sahil Dutta

People call Dravid a statesman. I wish statesmen were like him, he’s far more impressive than most

sahilriz Sahil Rizwan

Remember that episode of MTV Bakra where Dravid scolds his crazy stalker fan & asks her to focus on her studies? Always a class act

sanjaymanjrekar sanjay manjrekar

Rahul Dravid – Knew the man behind the bat. Not often do you find a person as exceptional as his achievements.

sanjeevpradhan Sanjeev Pradhan

Thank you, Rahul Dravid for all the wonderful memories. It is players like you who make cricket a gentleman’s game. You will be missed!

sehwagology Sunny

Whatay privilege it was to watch Dravid play arguably the knock of his career in the Adelaide test in ’03. Rahul bhai aapko salaam!

shishhattangadi shishir hattangadi

more I see of Rahul Dravid,the more I’m in awe of his parents!

shwetamz Shweta

Dear Dravid, You might not be a part of the Indian Cricket Team, but u will always remain a part of the Indian National Anthem ! #Respect

sidhuisms Navjot Singh Sidhu

Some succeed because they are destined to, but Rahul Dravid succeeded because he was DETERMINED to. #Sidhuisms

smitaprakash Smita Prakash

Dear Rahul Dravid Tussi na jaao :’(

sowmyarajaram sowmya rajaram

Even in retirement, no drama. Just a dignified statement of facts. Just like when you played. They don’t make ‘em like you anymore, #Dravid

srbachchan Amitabh Bachchan

Rahul Dravid retires from test Cricket .. a true gentleman, selfless, affable and most reliable .. he deserved greater glorification

ssudhirkumar S. Sudhir Kumar

tata Dravid. Only the no.3 batsman will be replaced. Not you.

stevemadeley Steve Madeley

Not that he’ll ever read this, but thanks Rahul Dravid for the hours of entertainment. Everything you could possibly want from a sportsman.

ta_sekar TA Sekar

Rahul Dravid ideal role model for youngsters Humble, Hardworking and Willing learner. Big loss to cricket Good luck with future endeavours

tanay_n12 Tanay Nagarsekar

“If u can’t get along with Dravid, u are struggling in life “- Brett Lee #TheWall #RahulDravid

thebigdowg Banna

Dear Rahul Dravid, Thank you for keeping cricketing ethics & principles alive in India.

vaughancricket Michael Vaughan

Rahul Dravid retires. The world’s most respected cricketer over the last 20 yrs. LEGEND.

_vishalg Vishal Gadkari ®✔

Rahul Dravid = Rahul Dravid #nocomparison

warne888 Shane Warne

I wish my friend Rahul Dravid and his family all the best in his retirement ! I have total respect for him

wellofcours_msd wellofcourse

Forget the cricketer Dravid , if given a choice every father would love to have his son like Rahul Dravid !


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5 Responses to Tributes to Rahul Dravid on Twitter

  1. THE WALL has left the building…….

  2. Guys if you have not noticed it till now, you will have a chance in Bangladesh. Scene 1. Sachin gets out in nineties- His face will be like he is about to cry. Scene 2. Sachin gets out after scoring a century but india about to loose – His will go back smiling as if he has already achieved what he wanted. Now the team wins or looses its upto Dhoni to take care. Scene 3- Sachin is in eigties in a test match and the captain declares the inning to the sake of trying to win the match. Sachin will be upset like anything, he will throw his bat in the dressing room I dont care the team wins or looses, how dare you stop me from making my century

  3. Nanda says:

    Rahul dravid’s strokes reflects us exactly the man he is. Its all class,dignity,determination

  4. Srimathi says:

    We miss u Rahul anna none can replace ur place in the field

    • Dinalda says:

      With tears rolling down to my chkees i just wanna convey ma wishes to the greatest legend of all time Rahul Sharad Dravid, i always feel you as my Role model with a Dictionary of thoughts Passion. i have been privileged to watch these many years and live long in our hearts forever. Its almost impossible to fit into your shoes,but just hav a wish to c little dravids representing the country Hatts off to U ma Almighty all time Legend ..!!!

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