My Favorite Rahul Dravid Memory


Fans, journalists and bloggers pay their tributes to Rahul Dravid and narrate their favorite memory of Rahul Dravid. [Read the transcript]

Contributors: Sriram Dayanand, Siddhartha Vaidyanathan, Jarrod Kimber, Samir Chopra, Nicole Sobotker and Sight Screen Editorial Members: Minal, Rohit Naimpally and Dilip Poduval.

Recorded, Edited and Mixed by: Subash Jayaraman

Music Selections by: Devanshu Mehta

Transcribed by: Shalabh Saxena

About Subash Jayaraman

Subash Jayaraman has written 4 post in this website.

Subash’s introduction to Cricket began with enduring sledges from his elder brothers during their many backyard cricket sessions. The fascination took hold when India won the world cup when he was six. He blogs at The Cricket Couch and you can follow him Twitter @thecricketcouch

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4 Responses to My Favorite Rahul Dravid Memory

  1. Rahul Sharma says:

    World cricket is now poor Rahul…Can’t think of whom should young generation idolise, else you. Have a great life ahead and we hope to keep missing you less, so please contribute to Indian cricket, bcoz we don’t have many selfless people and good leaders like you

  2. [...] Subash  the podcast king at The Cricket Couch and an Editorial Member at The Sight Screen has got journalists, bloggers and fans together to create this lovely treasure trove of Rahul Dravid Memories. [...]

  3. Manjunath Kapse N says:

    If sir Rahul Dravid is reading this (ill be blessed)

    I feel (the same feeling i have for cricket) to see you around cricketing arena in the years come…….

    :-) tell the camera man to foucs on you……..i shall see you on T.V :-)

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